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Urgent Care Cloths Made with Activated Charcoal

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    Calm and Clean Stressed Out Skin

    • Set of 3 12”x12” washcloths made with Lyocell from Organic Bamboo

    • Cloths are infused with Activated Charcoal

    • Comes in a reusable white vegan croc zippered case.

    • May be used with your regular cleanser or just with water.

    • Activated Charcoal has a negative charge that attracts positively charged dirt and debris in the skin like a magnet for a deeper cleaning experience.

    • Activated Charcoal is part of the fabric so will not rinse or wash away.

    • Heat from the dryer will reactivate the charcoal.

    • Recommended for use on skin that has been stressed by:

      • Sweating from sports or hot weather

      • Exposure to excessive dirt, dust or pollution that can clog pores

      • Sleeping in makeup

      • Eating inflammatory foods that can trigger breakouts such as those fried in oils, or dairy, sugar and salt

      • Overindulging in wine or other inflammatory alcoholic beverages

    • Cloths are dye-free, antibacterial, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic

    • Jenny’s Tip: Stow a cloth in your, your spouse’s or your child’s sports bag for wiping away dirt and debris quickly and easily.



    • Use damp to wipe over skin or in conjunction with your favorite cleanser.
    • Machine wash, tumble dry as you would any other towels.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    fine cloths

    they are good

    Expensive, but Worth It

    I've been using bamboo washcloths to wash my face for almost 10 years now, some of which are worse for wear and need recycling/composting. I purchased this three pack to supplement my current stash and wow, what a difference! While I'm not sure of the benefit of the charcoal long term (how does it stay present after repeated washes, for example), but I love the weight and texture of these cloths. They're soft and supple, hold water really well, and feel amazing on my skin. The fact that they're black means makeup stains are nonexistent. I can tell these will last me another 10 years, and I will replace my bamboo cloths with these as they wear down in time.


    I love these for two reason. I always use a cloth to clean my face but these are thicker than a muslin and softer and I love they are a dark color