Jenny Patinkin Eco-Luxe Beauty Tools are built with four principles in mind.


At Jenny Patinkin, we pride ourselves on working to limit the impact our products have on the environment. We source plant-based or innovative safe-synthetic materials; utilize post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials; and work with manufacturers who have closed loop or other eco-safe manufacturing practices. We also thoroughly vet our manufacturing partners to ensure certification of safe and ethical work conditions.


Jenny Patinkin products are handmade by highly skilled or generational artisans and are made to our exacting standards. All products are sourced directly from the manufacturer in order to maintain strict quality control oversight and affordable pricing.


Designed to her custom specifications, Jenny's products are intended to give the user maximum confidence and control. Features such as weighted bases, carefully calibrated proportions, and ergonomic shapes allow for ultimate user-comfort and success.


As a woman over 50, Jenny is highly attuned to age-related changes in the skin and as such, is transparent not just about the benefits of using her products, but also the limitations. While Jenny Patinkin products can support and enhance an existing skincare and makeup routine, Jenny is committed to eliminating hyperbole and over-promising results.