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"Jenny just gets what “real women” need. I love all her brushes and sponges, and her eyelash curler is the best I have ever used.”


"The compliments I've been getting seem to be the true testament to Jenny Patinkin Beauty Tools. Thank you, thank you!"

- A.V.

"I swear that Blotter Baby has changed my life. I don’t need to use powder anymore!"

- L.L

"Jenny has a way of ensuring that her tools are simple to use. She clearly has an artist’s eye.”

- C.S

“I absolutely LOVE my new sponges and brushes and my husband told me I looked gorgeous---especially my skin! He's always liked me with less make-up and more of a natural look, so he was full of compliments about the "new" me”.

- A.M.C.

“I am very impressed with all of the Jenny Patinkin Beauty Tools, but her Blotter Baby is just genius.”

- S.M.

"Before I found Jenny Patinkin brushes, I used to be intimidated by makeup, but now I actually look forward to putting it all on!"

- S.H.

"I just wanted to thank you so much for your amazing beauty tools. I’ve bought almost all of them now and love every single one. P.S. Your daughters are really lucky!"

- I.S

"Just the other day, someone who hadn't seen me in a while commented on how fresh and glowing my skin looked. I think that says it all."

- K.B.

“Jenny’s passion and love for what she does is evident in every brush. She is truly talented.”

- A.B.

"Jenny Patinkin’s Complexion Brush should be every woman’s secret weapon."

- K.B.

“After using my gua sha heart, my daughters walked in from school and said, “What have you done today? You look 10 years younger!” LOVE.”

- G.M.

"After buying Jenny’s eyelash curler and sponges I started to get excited about putting my makeup on everyday."

- R.B.B.

"I just got told that I am looking younger and so fresh and that my skin is glowing!! That was fun!"

- L.S.

"I had spent too much time and money on a drawer full of brushes that were not good at all. But when I bought all the Jenny Patinkin brushes I knew I had made a smart investment.”

- L.H

"It’s so easy to use Jenny’s tools."

- L.M.

“Washing my makeup brushes is fun now as opposed to a chore."

- K.K.

"I am so happy with my new products!"

- J.W.