Jenny Patinkin makeup brushes are a MUST have! Their texture is silky smooth and that is just how your face feels and looks after using them!

My makeup has never been so easy to apply!

Jenny Patinkin makeup brushes far surpass the quality of all my other brushes, which now feel rough and dry on my face in comparison 

Applying my makeup is fun now as opposed to a chore!

Jenny’s brushes make it so easy for me to put on my makeup every morning, and now I enjoy the process instead of dreading it.

The extra soft texture of Jenny’s brushes gives me a gorgeous application every time.

I used to be intimidated by makeup, but now I actually look forward to putting it all on!

Jenny Patinkin brushes are flawlessly made and leave the face with make-up results that are unparalleled.

I’m excited every morning to put Jenny’s technique to work!

This is the first time I have ever really loved doing my makeup!

I used to dread putting on makeup and avoided as much as I could, but now the results are so rewarding that I won’t leave home without it!

I’ve never felt better about my look in make up! Jenny is incredibly talented and a delight to work with.

My Session with Jenny was nothing short of magical! I recommend her to anyone who wants to look the best they can!

My Session with Jenny was absolutely amazing! Her passion and love for what she does are evident in every stroke of the brush.

Just the other day, someone who hadn’t seen me in a while commented on how fresh and glowing my skin looked. I think that says it all.

Jenny should be every woman’s secret weapon. Her knowledge of products, application and personal style are unsurpassed.

I can’t take my eyes off of myself!

I’ve truly never looked at myself thinking how beautiful I looked. Jenny really enhanced a life long memory with her exquisite makeup job.

Jenny Patinkin is incredibly talented and meticulous in her makeup artistry, not to mention incredibly fun to work with.

I loved my make-up lesson with Jenny. The compliments I’ve been getting seem to be the true testament. Thank you, thank you!

I just got told that I am looking younger and so fresh and that my skin is glowing!! That was fun!

You know how it is when you see yourself in a mirror that you see yourself in all the time—well I looked so different. And so pretty. Thanks for finding my pretty face again!

My tries in the past to wear makeup were disasters but now I feel so confident in myself and my look.

After my lesson with Jenny, my daughters walked in from school and said, “What have you done today? You look 10 years younger!” and my husband LOVED the way I looked. LOVED. 

I wish I had known about Dollface Beauty School sooner!

Dollface Beauty School made our party!

How many times have I had my makeup done by makeup artists where I don’t look or feel like myself? With Jenny, it’s always right.

I walked away from Jenny’s “Complexion Perfection” lesson feeling confident and eager to master her “Lazy Perfection” method on my own.

As a high-profile media executive, I often don’t have the luxury of time before facing a live audience or being hustled to a photo shoot. Jenny gets it right every time, even under less-than-perfect circumstances.

Jenny’s approach is very conversational, so much so that I felt as though I just had a nice catch up with a friend … but I walked away with great new techniques, new ideas and some validations on what I was already doing that worked!

Jenny’s vast knowledge, along with her laid-back demeanor made our Lush Lash session valuable and a lot of fun!

Jenny’s “Complexion Perfection” seminar was everything I hoped for and then some. The knowledge presented and the techniques demonstrated truly should be every woman’s secret weapon.

I have a renewed confidence in how I look and am actually wearing less makeup! 

The techniques that Jenny showed me are easy and immediately repeatable. I swear that her highlighting tricks have taken years off of my eyes!

I had spent too much time and money on a drawer full of makeup colors that were not right for me, but in one hour with Jenny I had the perfect natural look.

In the department-store-counter-world of “more is more” makeup application, Jenny offers a light-handed, glowy, modern take on women’s

With my hectic life, I don’t consider a private appointment with Jenny as a luxury–I view it as an investment in myself, saving time and money in the long run.

Jenny just “gets it”. Her makeup technique is approachable, yet at the same time she makes you feel beautiful, natural and special.

Jenny’s lesson was such a great experience. I was able to learn how to actually perform the application techniques and I love the soft, natural appearance that I can now achieve on my own.

What I like most about Jenny is that she really listens to what you want – she was able to immediately see the vision in my head and worked exactly towards that. And she has a great teaching style!

Ever since Jenny gave me a complete makeup makeover, I have received compliments from almost everyone I meet in the course of my day. It is definitely a transformation and I am thrilled.

Jenny is truly talented and her artistry is unsurpassed.