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Skin Smoothing Trio Dermaplaning Set

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    Smooth moves for complexion perfection.

    • Set of 3 dermaplaning tools
    • Made with upcycled wheat straw and a Japanese stainless steel safety blade
    • Gently exfoliates dead skin cells for softer skin with more even tone
    • Safely removes peach fuzz for a smoother look and feel
    • Fuzz free skin reflects light better so it appears more radiant
    • Skincare performance is enhanced without fuzz in the way
    • Makeup applies more smoothly for a more glowing appearance
    • Curbside recyclable
    • Jenny's Tip: Don't believe the pervasive myth that dermaplaning will make your hair will grow back thicker and darker. You cannot alter your follicle simply by cutting off what has already surfaced.


    • Use 1-2 times per month, AM or PM.
    • Each tool may be used 1-2 times for the whole face plus an additional 1-2 times for touch ups on small areas such as upper lip or brows.
    • Clean blades with rubbing alcohol between uses.
    • Use on clean, very dry skin.
    • Using one hand to gently pull the skin taut, place the blade almost flat against the skin and make short, light downward strokes. Very little pressure is required.
    • Start at the top of the cheeks, moving down to the bottom of the jawline and then across the cheeks to the inner face.
    • Do not use on or near the nose or around the eyes. When using on the forehead, take care to avoid the hairline and eyebrows. 
    • Apply gently hydrating skincare products such as serums, oils or moisturizers immediately after use. Avoid retinol, acids, enzymes and other exfoliating ingredients for 24 hours after use.
    • Dermaplaning is safe to use on all skin types.
    • Do not use if you have active breakouts, a rash or a sunburn.
    • Consult your dermatologist before use if you have eczema, psoriasis or rosacea.
    • Discontinue use should irritation occur.

    Should you need to make a return of this product, only unused items will be accepted.

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