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Rose On Rose Derma Roller

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    Help your skincare products take a deep dive.

    • Derma Rolling is a safe, fast and low-tech way to help enhance the performance of your favorite skincare products.

    • Roller head features almost 600 tiny .2mm needles that create thousands of painless micro channels in the skin.

    • .2mm is the same thickness as the edge of 2 sheets of paper.

    • Skincare molecules can access the deeper skin levels via these microchannels where they can work more efficiently and provide enhanced results.

    • No pain or skin damage in the rolling experience, and no need to numb the skin. This is a conservative, at home version of in-office microneedling.  

    • Set includes:

      • One Roller Handle with a rose quartz acupressure bulb

      • 2x .2mm Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Derma Roller Heads

    • Jenny’s Tip: Apply only very light pressure while rolling and make only one pass over each area of the face. Start out with rolling one night a week and work up from there to as many nights as you would like.

    Should you need to make a return of this product, only unopened/unused items will be accepted.



    • Lightly roll over each area of the face – cheeks, chin and forehead – moving the roller in one fluid back and forth motion until each area has been covered. Roll under eyes as tolerated. Do not roll over lips, eyelids or nose.
    • Start rolling in a vertical pattern, then repeat each area of the face in horizontal and both diagonal patterns.
    • Use Derma Roller once a week to start, increasing to twice a week or more if tolerated.


    • Gently press Rose Quartz bulb into any areas of inflammation or any pressure points on the face and neck. Recommended areas are under eyes, brow bone, under cheeks bones, in temples, sinus areas, in front of the ears, around the mouth or at the base of the neck.
    • Lightly rock or glide back and forth to reduce inflammation and release tension.


    • Do not apply makeup on freshly rolled skin. 
    • Do not use on inflamed, cystic or broken out skin.
    • Do not roll over eyelids, nose or lips.
    • Replace roller head after 20 uses.
    • Spray or wipe roller head with rubbing alcohol after each use and store upright with needles freestanding.

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    Awesome skin tool

    I really like to help get lotion in skin